GOYANZ was formed as incorporated society in 1958 to meet the needs of Wellington' s Greek youth in cultural and sporting activities. GOYANZ is also the parent body of the Greek netball and football club, Olympic AFC. Olympic began life as a football club in 1952 under the banner of Apollon Assc.. Apollon later changed its name to CYFC (Christian Youth Football Club) and affiliated itself to GOYANZ in 1958. In 1983 the club’s name was changed once again to Olympic as it is today. The football club has always been independently run by a subcommittee of GOYANZ. Other subcommittees also under the GOYANZ umbrella include educational and youth groups involved in local community affairs. Current membership is 500+.

As follows a breakdown of current activities that GOYANZ is involved in:

  • Junior Football under the banner of Olympic
  • Senior Soccer under the banner of Olympic
  • Other Youth & Hellenic activities, including helping the Greek community during functions and events

GOYANZ has a diverse range of interests. Its goal is to maintain and foster the Hellenic culture in New Zealand’s ever changing society. GOYANZ sees itself as an active member of Wellington's sporting and cultural community. All funds raised benefit young people and children in the local Greek community.


Reinvigorating GOYANZ

Our vision for GOYANZ is to design an executable framework that will reinvigorate its’ role within the NZ Hellenic community

We will achieve this by formulating initiatives that promote pride, celebrate success, encourage education and achieve advancement of the Hellenic culture within New Zealand

Promote Pride

To inspire our members by activating a satisfied sense of attachment to their Hellenic identity

Celebrate success

To introduce initiatives that celebrate our members’ aspirations and accomplishments

Encourage Education

Empower our members by encouraging initiatives that promote cultural education

Achieve Advancement

Advancement in the wider NZ Greek Community by having a common focus - of being one community with unified goals.